You Can Be Habitual To A Meditation This is How

habitual to meditation
Firstly, you have to make the decision to give meditation serious effort. Several individuals hear about meditation and think lamely about trying it out. People sit for few minutes of trying and silence their mind but this doesn’t work. Some try it for few days and then get busy and start believing that it’s all just useless. If you attempt meditation with such mindset, you are guaranteed to fail.
seven chakras meditation
If you actually want to take advantage of meditation then you need to allow it time to work. We have to make a strong determination that we have to try out mediation for the following 4-7 months. Be resolute from the outset to not stop even if you don’t notice any results at all.
Decide The Best Time Which Suits Your Routine
set a fixed time for meditation which you can easily stick to everyday. The optimum time is early in the morning. But if you aren’t a morning person, you can choose any other time of the day. The earlier it is in the day, the easier it will be to relax your mind. After a busy working schedule, it is more harder to meditate but it doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate at night. If that’s the best time for you, then go ahead and choose it.
how to do meditation for beginners
Choosing The Best Meditation Place
select a specific location to meditate, it would help in sticking to the routine. Create a little area in one side of your bedroom, or  in the yard, or maybe in a park whatever best for you. Choose a location where you may sit in silence without being distracted.
Duration / Time of your meditation Sessions
how long you are going to meditate I suggest anywhere between 5 to 8 minutes for learners. It sounds like a very small period of time, but you’ll be shocked how hard it is to meditate even for such a short time without your mind wandering off . Even 4 to 6 minutes of excellent meditation may show great benefits. Slowly, as you gain your level, you can start meditating for extended durations.
art of meditation for beginners
Before you Get Up From Meditation
when the fixed time is finished, softly open your eyes. Don’t get into a rush to get up and join regular life again. Take some time to simply be there. Observe your surroundings and let your ideas run free. Before getting up, you should try to say thanks and feel compassion and appreciation for being alive. This is also a wonderful time to attract any positive affirmations about your objectives and life.


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