Heart Chakra, Anaahat Chakra: Brief, Symbol Properties and Signs of under active Chakra

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About Heart Chakra / Annaahat Chakra
Heart Chakra is located on the spine at the level of the Heart. It is associated and responsible for the cardiovascular health and the health of the respiratory system and also keeps the immune system healthy. On an emotional level this Chakra is about affection, love, care and romance. This Chakra enables one to give and receive pure love
English Name: Heart Chakra
Sanskrit Name: अनाहत चक􏰀 – Anaahat Chakra
Symbol: Six pointed star within a Circular flower with 12 petals
Colour: Green
Location: Chest
Glands it Controls: The Thymus Gland. (It is responsible for a sound Immune system.) Organs it Controls: Heart, Lungs, Upper limbs, Organs of the Circulatory system and Immune system
Signs of an under-active Anaahat Chakra / Heart Chakra
1. You’ve Been Dwelling On A Past Relationship
2. You’re Experiencing Trust Issues
3. You’re Feeling Shy
4. You’ve Been Keeping All Your Emotions Bottled Up
5. You’re Holding Onto Past Hurts
6. You’re Always Feeling Anxious And Stressed


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