Throat chakra Or vishuddha Chakra : Brief, Symbol Properties and Powers


The Throat Chakra is located on the spine along the throat, hence the name. It is associated and responsible for the health of the Throat, Neck and the Thyroid Gland. When this Chakra is balanced, it induces proper growth and you will feel aware about the people around you and you will feel active creatively.

Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha Chakra (Vishuddhi = Purification)

English Name: The Throat Chakra / The Chakra of Purification

Symbol: A Circle housed within a downward facing Triangle, which is housed in a flower with 16 petals.

Colour: Blue / Turquoise

Location: Throat.

Element: Sound: (The base element is ‘Air’, since air when modulated creates sound)

Glands it Controls: Thyroid Organs it Controls: Throat, Neck and other Oral organs.


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